Ethical guardian & awesome family manager

The Ethical Way

EDA is a mobile app which aims to promote trust and communication within families, not a remote spying app making children uncomfortable.

We want children to feel safe and parents feel confident when using EDA.

No Spying

There are too many apps which promote spying on children - we are different.

We will not create services which support digital spying, we instead chose to give parents the necessary information they need and children control over their data.

Easy to control

Want to easily check-up on your children, set a geo-fence or check on your children's STARS progress? Sure! 

We continuously work on improving the User Interface and your experience - so you can know more and worry less.

Keeping your data safe

We take data privacy and security extremely seriously. Security lies at the core of anything we do.

We do so, so you can trust us, be assured and stay confident.